Bolster your security posture and get the most from Google Cloud's robust security features with SADA's Cloud Security Confidence Assessment. The assessment evaluates current controls and provides recommendations and best practices to help reduce risks and prepare for threats.

What to expect?

Engage with SADA to assess your security strategy in 10 domains over a 5-week engagement

/ Kickoff: You’ll be introduced to the team, and we’ll identify project scope and resource requirements.

/ 10-point assessment: SADA experts will evaluate your current security strategy.

/ Audit logs review: Your dedicated SADA team will help identify potential threats and risks by reviewing audit logs.

/ Assessment overview and report delivery: You’ll receive a summary of the assessment and deliverable report.

Outcome of the Security Assessment 

/ Recommendations report with a detailed list of findings and suggested next steps from the assessment

/ Threat hunting to allow for planning of identified gap remediations

/ Executive summary of the top-priority findings and key areas for improvement, including an overall confidence score of 1-100

/ Remediation checklist for actionable tasks to improve posture

The average Security Confidence Score is only 37!
Secure your success with SADA's Cloud Security Confidence Assessment - exceed the average and lead the pack.