SADA & Google Cloud's Data Immersion Day On-Demand

Check out our half-day interactive and hands-on lab session and learn how to transform data through Machine Learning and BigQuery using Google Cloud's innovative products and tools. Hear from Google Cloud & SADA customer, Crux Informatics, about how they are using BigQuery and GCP to improve their data analytics.

Led by seasoned SADA & Google Cloud CEs, this session will: 

  • guide you on how to leverage these capabilities
  • test your knowledge with interactive labs and develop building blocks for an actual solution. 

Event Agenda

  • [10:00] Welcome & overview
  • [10:10] Introduction to analytics with BigQuery 
  • [10:55] BigQuery Labs
  • [11:55] Lunch / Break 
  • [12:25] Customer spotlight with Mark Etherington, CTO at Crux Informatics
  • [12:55] Introduction to Machine Learning with BigQuery ML
  • [1:40] BigQuery ML Labs
  • [2:40] Wrap up & event conclusion