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SADA & Google Cloud's Data Immersion Day

Imagine what’s possible when the power of Machine Learning (ML) is in your hands. Now that Google BigQuery has leveled the playing field for data engineers, more professionals can reap the advantages of ML than ever before.

You’re invited to participate in an interactive, hands-on lab session where you’ll learn how to transform data with BigQuery and ML in just a few hours. Data experts from Google Cloud and SADA will reveal the latest advances in optimizing data analytics. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get started with BigQuery and easily create ML models with public datasets
  • Test your knowledge with interactive labs as you develop the foundations of fully deployable solutions
  • Effectively leverage Machine Learning in ways that are relevant to your organization

This immersive, dynamic event will give you all the tools necessary to start transforming your organization with new capabilities like modeling recommendations for end customers, performing anomaly detection, forecasting data, classifying content, and more.

Event Agenda

  • 11:00 AM: Welcome
  • 11:10 PM: Introduction to Analytics with BigQuery + Demo
  • 12:05 PM: Let’s Play: BigQuery Lab Walkthrough
  • 12:35 PM: Case Study
  • 12:45 PM: Break
  • 12:50 PM: Introduction to Machine Learning with BigQuery ML
  • 1:10 PM: Demo: BigQuery ML + Looker
  • 1:25 PM: Kahoot & Giveaways
  • 1:45 PM: Office Hours
  • 1:55 PM: Wrap Ups




   Kunal Ganorkar, Senior Cloud Engineer

OZ Headshot


   Oz Oral, Senior Cloud Engineer

image (2)-2

 Andrew Levine, Customer Engineer

   Google Cloud



ela headshot Ela Jamali, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

qm-Adam_Dille Adam Dille, SVP of Product and Engineering, 

                                       Quantum Metric