The holiday season presents retailers with familiar challenges every year— increased demand, supply chain pressures, and spikes in website traffic. But this holiday season is set to be unlike any other in the past.

COVID-19 has raised the stakes significantly. Government-imposed lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders introduced new challenges to retailers around the globe. Stores were forced to shutter, new fulfillment options were required almost overnight, and the stress on many retailers’ digital infrastructure has been unprecedented. 

Download this ebook to learn how to navigate rapidly changing consumer behavior and the Five Keys to Success to prepare for the 2020 holiday season, including: 

    1. Increase agility and reduce costs with a high-performing e-commerce platform 
    2. Improve inventory visibility and fulfillment in a contactless world
    3. Differentiate with experiences that deliver customer value and drive top-line growth
    4. Provide better customer service at scale 
    5. Leverage proven protocols for peak-season readiness