The Fundamentals of Container Security

With real workloads come real consequences. Your business is your data, and running your business-critical data in containers has elevated this once-buzzword to something business leaders are forced to make decisions about. If you’re evaluating a cloud provider and your security lead says, “Cloud A offers managed images; for Cloud B, we’d be on our own,” how important is that? Should it influence your decision?

The goal of this whitepaper is to teach you the fundamentals of container security so when it comes time to make business decisions, you’ll have the context you need to help keep your business safe.

Container security topics include:

  • What actually is a container?
  • Supply chain security
  • Running Kubernetes security
  • The CIS Kubernetes Benchmark: How to gauge your security
  • The shared responsibility model in GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)
  • Understanding container solution
  • Giving back to open source Kubernetes
  • Establishing your threat model
  • User story: How DroneDeploy achieved ISO-27001 certification on GKE