The emerging workforce overwhelmingly prefers Google Cloud productivity and collaboration tools over alternatives

The generation that is now leaving college and starting their careers understands digital transformation like no other. After all, this is the cohort that emerged from two years of remote learning into a world of hybrid work and conferences in the cloud.

What productivity and collaboration tools do these digital pioneers prefer? To find out, we commissioned a survey with an independent research firm, College Pulse, targeting 750 students at 52 colleges across America.

The results are in: these students preferred Google Workspace by a long shot. Among our findings, students surveyed revealed the following preferences: 

  • Google Docs (86%) over Microsoft Word (14%)
  • Google Slides (75%) over Microsoft PowerPoint (25%)
  • Google Sheets (62%) over Microsoft Excel (38%)

The full report, available for download, breaks down preferences primarily between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 productivity and collaboration tools, including spreadsheets, word processing, email, and presentation software.

To see more results and analysis, download Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: Tomorrow’s Workforce Weighs In.