Why G Suite Is the Modern, Agile Alternative to Microsoft 365

For a long time, office productivity software solutions were limited to desktop applications that were accessible only from a single machine. Now that mobility and cloud computing have dramatically altered people’s homes and workplaces, enterprises are gravitating towards cloud-based solutions.

When it comes to selecting a cloud-based business productivity suite, you’ll surely compare Google Cloud’s G Suite and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). At first glance, the two solutions may appear quite similar, but their design and function have some fundamental differences. 

We’ve compiled the ultimate G Suite vs. Microsoft 365 guide that takes a deep dive into the key ways that the two platforms differ and illustrates why G Suite is the superior choice for organizations that wish to maximize employee productivity, efficiency, and collaboration.

Download the guide for: 

  • Candid customer perspectives
  • Head-to-head feature comparisons
  • Eye-opening stats