Complete Solution

  • Discovery, Planning, Implementation, Tooling, Testing, Training: All Included
  • No hidden costs: predictable budget and timeline
  • Skip the guesswork 

Compelling Combination

  • Co-invested to enable experimentation
  • Close relationship with Google/Alooma Eng
  • 24/7, US-based support with database expertise


  • Planning: Detailed runbook and execution plan
  • Implementation: Hands-on support for data, schema, query, and access migration
  • Tooling: Alooma Enterprise
  • Testing: Security, HA, performance and compatibility testing for your database applications
  • Training/Support: GCP Account setup/config, Alooma hands-on lab/training, named dedicated support for white-glove migration experience

Package Sizes:

  • <10 data sources 
  • <2TB data


  • <50 data sources 
  • <10TB data
  • <250 data sources 
  • <50TB data


Terms of Offer

  • Access: We need your facilities, security, networking, and storage staff to allow these systems to interoperate with your current environment, otherwise we’ll set it up in stand-alone mode. We also need sufficient connectivity to complete the migration within a timely manner.
  • Point of Contact/Decision-Maker: Our timeline anticipates timely responses for authorization and approvals. We expect same-business-day responses to maintain the committed timeline.
  • Out of Scope: We’d love to help you with containerization, app modernization, high-availability design, international deployments, hosting operations, and other services; these will be additional SOWs incremental to this offer. GCP costs are the customer's responsibility.