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Google Machine Learning 


Once your company has consolidated its data into Google Cloud, it’s time to consider bringing machine learning into your workflow. Here are 5 need to knows about Google's Machine Learning platform:

  • The Price Just Dropped Big Time
  • Use GPUs or CPUs (and soon, TPUs!) for Training on a Distributed Array of Devices
  • There is Wide Community Support and Collaboration
  • Allow HyperTune to Automatically Increase Your Predictive Accuracy
  • It’s Not All Just Numbers and Codetore patient data files in a HIPAA-compliant repository in Google Drive

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SADA Systems is a privately-held global leader in providing business and technology consulting services that transform organizations through innovative cloud-based solutions. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA has worked with leading healthcare organizations to transform how they empower care teams and improve patient care. 


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