Watch on-demand as experts in the healthcare industry discuss the key differentiators with Google Cloud. Join Michael Ames, Sr. Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, SADA, as he discusses the Best Investments CIO's have made during the pandemic as well as the future of interoperability. 

CIOs Speak- Best Investments I Made During the Pandemic
Our expert panel will discuss the best investments they have made in the last 18 months and what the future holds. With little room for error and the ground shifting beneath their feet, health system CIOs had to make difficult decisions to keep their staff, patients, and organizations safe. Almost two years after the start of the pandemic, CIOs reflect on these critical choices. What were the best decisions they made? What are their regrets? As we face the Delta variant and beyond, what are they changing and what will they double down on? In this keynote panel discussion, we will discuss:

  • Which health IT infrastructure investments actually pay off
  • Technologies with the biggest impact on resilience, supporting a remote and hybrid workforce, and improving patient experience
  • How to modernize your operations to enable flexible innovation and rapid rollouts when needed

The Future of Interoperability: Healthcare Interoperability 2.0
Hospitals have been focused on interoperability since the introduction of HL7. However, while technologies, requirements, and regulations have changed, many healthcare leaders persist in thinking of interoperability in an outdated way. The legacy definition of interoperability focuses on getting internal systems to share data well, but today’s interoperability is more than a 30 year improvement on connecting labs to an EHR, all exchanges which happened within the same organization. Interoperability 2.0 focuses on releasing and unlocking hospital and health system data to connect and share it with individuals, programs, and organizations outside of the boundary of your organization. What is possible when you extend the boundaries of interoperability?

  • What interoperability 2.0 means for your organization
  • Tools for successful implementation
  • Discuss Google’s Healthcare Data Engine