Discover how Google Workspace* empowers modern teams to connect and collaborate from anywhere with its content-centric platform, ensuring effective and secure real-time collaboration.

Google Workspace* - Leading with a Security-First Mindset

Google's cloud-based infrastructure and enterprise services provide a highly secure and reliable environment for powering your business. With our robust global infrastructure, dedicated security professionals, and commitment to innovation, we stay ahead of the curve to offer a compliant environment that benefits your organization.

Who should join this session:

  • IT Professionals - Transform your workplace to be more secure, innovative and competitive. Learn how the robust security features in Google Workspace* protect your business from threats like major spear- phishing attacks.
Google Workspace* - Supercharge Remote Productivity & Collaboration
COVID-19 has accelerated workplace transformation, creating a sense of urgency for organizations to find productivity and collaboration tools. Virtual meetings, flexible hours, and remote work are now the norm. To support the remote workforce, Google Cloud has launched new features and upcoming enhancements.
Who should join this session:
  • Line of Business Professionals - Learn how to harness the power of Google Workspace* for your group, leverage modern productivity and collaboration tools to unlock your team's fullest potential, and see how your organization can work better together. 


Kelly W


Kelly Wright
Head of Engineering, Google Workspace




Veronica Raulin 
Head of Change Management 


*formerly known as G Suite