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Decommissioning your Microsoft Office licenses, or moving “Out of Office,” is a cultural change. It requires users to change behaviors, explore new tools, and challenge their old models of collaboration. As leaders of this change, it’s important to recognize the dependency and engagement required from leaders and employees outside of the project team. 

There are 5 key areas of focus when building your “Out of Office” strategy. While they are not linear, as you can start various processes before others, the areas do build on each other.

  • [Explore] Understand where you are today
  • [Commit] Create a shared vision
  • [Engage & Align] Change happens from the top down and bottom up
  • [Technical Processes] Outline how the transition will happen
  • [Sustain] Build in processes to support long term change

Watch this on-demand webinar to get rid of those lingering Microsoft Office licenses and make the full transition to Google Workspace to maximize collaboration and savings with SADA.


  • Who should Join: Organization leaders, IT managers & change management advocates




Noah Chandler
Head of Customer Success


VeronicaVeronica Raulin 
Head of Change Management