Bring your network in Google Cloud to the next level by applying automation and complex designs. Leverage Google Cloud networking capabilities to amplify your cloud adoption with added reliability, global span, and intelligent features.   

With POWERON Advanced Network Foundation, an experienced SADA team including a Senior Solutions Architect, Senior Network Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, and Project Manager will evaluate your current configurations and the networking profile of your application and services while also assessing growth and usage patterns to provide detailed recommendations for getting the most out of Google Cloud.

Engage with SADA to improve your network connectivity over a 6-week engagement

What to expect

We will work with you to optimize your cloud networking in 3 milestones:

Milestone 1: Discover
Review and validate that your environment is configured in accordance with Google’s documented best practices.

Milestone 2: Implement
Onboard your Advanced Network Foundation to Google Cloud Platform. SADA will work with your engineering team to collaboratively build and deploy Advanced Networking Foundations according to best practices.  

Milestone 3: Handoff
Knowledge transfer sessions to your engineering team and share final documentation and infrastructure as code used to deploy and configure resources.

Key Deliverables 

  • GCP Advanced Network Foundations: Functional Google Cloud Advanced Network Foundations deployed into your environment, establishing secure, reliable, and scalable connectivity
  • Technical Design Document (TDD): A document outlining the inventory of GCP configuration options, decisions, and recommendations for your deployment
  • GCP Architecture Diagrams: An architecture document reflecting the relevant managed services on Google Cloud
  • Source Code: A copy of any developed source code will be provided as an archive or pushed to a git repository
  • Google Cloud Calculator: Cost estimates for resources to be consumed to support the in-scope workloads
  • Close Out Documentation: Handoff documentation on best practices and examples of various tasks to be completed based on the activities completed in the deliverables above

Contact us to ensure a high standard of your Advanced Network Foundation in 6 weeks!