Securing your apps and data with built-in threat and data protection is more important than ever as more workforces are distributed remotely across the globe. With SADA’s POWERON Cloud Native Access Control, you can rest assured that your security posture is aligned to the zero trust solution that’s right for your business.

With expert implementation by a dedicated team from SADA, POWERON Cloud Native Access Control: 

  • Gives your teams secure access to critical apps and services
  • Simplifies the experience for admins and users
  • Modernizes and improves your security posture

Engage with SADA to implement your zero trust strategy!

What to expect

POWERON Cloud Native Access Control consists of 3 milestones over a multi-week engagement, depending on the size of your environment.

Milestone 1: Discover and plan

Review of your current environment and systems with project kickoff

Milestone 2: Implement and test

Deployment of BeyondCorp Enterprise with user acceptance testing 

Milestone 3: Handoff

Delivery of all materials, documentation, and code created throughout the engagement

Key deliverables

  • Virtual private cloud (VPC) policy
    Establish trust boundaries with access levels for organization, folder or project 
  • Access level creation
    Protect your HTTPS endpoints with more options 
  • Secure Chrome profiles
    Configured and applied user and browser settings in Workspace Admin console
  • Infrastructure as code
    Terraform templates for access levels under version control to predictably create  and improve zero trust policy management
  • Technical design document and architecture diagram
    Inventory of configuration options, decisions, and recommendations for deployment

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