Customers who move new or existing applications to Google Cloud are commonly faced with new security challenges. Implementing Security Command Center Premium (SCCP) to natively generate security alerts for vulnerabilities detected on GCP-deployed infrastructure will significantly enhance your security posture. 

With Cloud Security Posture Management, a dedicated SADA team including a Cloud Security Engineer and Project Manager will assist you in setting up and fine-tuning SCCP in accordance with best practices while also integrating into your existing ecosystem.  Maximize your return on investment with Cloud Security Posture Management and SADA expertise.

Engage with SADA to confidently detect threats in your Google Cloud environment in 2-6 weeks, depending on the size of your GCP footprint.

What to expect

We will work with you to strengthen your posture management in 3 milestones:

Milestone 1: Discovery + Planning
SADA will conduct a review of your environment and identify integrations within your security ecosystem. 

Milestone 2: Implementation
SADA will set up appropriate identity and access management (IAM) permissions for managing SCCP and will configure logging sources within your GCP projects to enhance threat detection. SADA will additionally optimize the SCCP scanning process by tuning alerts to eliminate false positives or unneeded alerts. The SADA team will conduct a walkthrough of initial security findings. Lastly, SADA will integrate SCCP Alerts with messaging tools or a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) platform based on your organization’s needs.

Milestone 3: Close Out
Documentation hand-off to your team focused on the configuration and best practices of the Cloud Security Command Center Premium platform and implemented integrations.

Key Deliverables 

  • SCC Identity and access management
  • Mute rules
  • Integrations with your existing ecosystem
  • Alert documentation
  • Tuning documentation
  • Best practices documentation

Contact us for continuous visibility and threat detection within 2-6 weeks!