Businesses across the world are looking for ways to improve their customer experience while reducing costs. Google’s Contact Center AI Platform (CCAIP) provides a native Google Cloud solution to transform contact centers while controlling costs at the same time.

With POWERON Contact Center AI Platform, your organization will be provided with a single source of truth for customer journey. SADA's expertise paired with Google’s leading capabilities of virtual agents, live agent assist, and insights will deliver a modern experience that is optimized for the smartphone era.

What to expect

POWERON Contact Center AI Platform implementation consists of 6 milestones over a 4-week engagement.

Milestone 1: Design
Architect a custom plan to meet your contact center goals and requirements.

Milestone 2: Configure
Configuration of operation settings, teams, queues, messages and recordings, and external storage.

Milestone 3: Integrate & Implement
CCAIP integration to your CRM and implementation of Dialogflow virtual agent, Agent Assist, and Single Sign-On. 

Milestone 4: Train & Document
Administrator and Agent training is provided along with documentation and supporting materials.

Milestone 5: Deploy
CCAIP is rolled out to production with user acceptance testing. 

Milestone 6: Support
Post-implementation support from SADA while you continue to test and evaluate CCAIP.

Key deliverables 

  • Configured and ready to use pilot environment in GCP
  • Up to 20 multichannel queues (e.g. sms, chat, voice)
  • Virtual agent for self-service opportunities
  • Agent and admin training and documentation
  • Post-implementation support from SADA experts

Primary differentiators 

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS): A unified, cloud native platform that supports multichannel communication between customers and agents (or self-service systems) in a manner that optimizes the customer experience.

Digital-first customer experience: Omnichannel & multi-experience support, including channel blending, media sharing, mobile authentication, web and mobile app SDKs, delivering a seamless and effortless experience across apps, digital touchpoints, and interaction modalities.

Agent efficiency: Improve case capacity, performance, and retention by reducing or eliminating multiple disparate call center apps. 

CRM agent adapter: Out-of-the-box integrations to most major CRMs. An easily accessible and mobile-friendly agent experience keeps agents focused on the customer.

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