ChromeOS provides your business with a cloud-first operating system that will empower employees with work flexibility and syncing apps, preferences, and extensions from any location with built-in security. 

With POWERON Google ChromeOS Foundation, a dedicated SADA team including a Deployment Engineer, Change Manager, and Project Manager will give you peace of mind to enable your business with fast and secure access to information and cloud-based tools.

Engage with SADA to seamlessly implement Google ChromeOS in your organization over a 8-week engagement

What to expect

We will work with you to deploy your ChromeOS devices in 3 milestones:

Milestone 1: Core Product Activation
SADA will provide guidance on the setup of Google Workspace core Chrome user/browser settings and services.

Milestone 2: ChromeOS Environment Configuration & Chrome Browser Deployment
SADA will guide you through the initial setup of the Google Workspace Admin Panel including recommendations for settings/configurations for the Chrome device rollout. Then SADA Engineers will assist you with the Chrome browser deployment while SADA Change Managers provide guidance on how to best communicate this rollout to employees.

Milestone 3: Chrome Device Configuration
SADA will review use cases for your business and conduct technical workshops to demonstrate the capabilities of Chrome Device Management.

Key Deliverables 

  • Technical workshops: SADA-led technical workshop that cover Google Workspace architecture and OU structure, discovery of Chrome profiles/use cases, remote environment configuration, and an Admin Console policies overview
  • Consultation on Chrome native printing: Review current printer configurations and verify all printers can use Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS)
  • Consultation on enterprise networking: Review options to push Wi-Fi configurations to devices/user profiles
  • Best practice recommendations: SADA will advise on best practices and watchpoints for Chrome configuration, security and administration settings, disabling core Google Workspace applications, and custom Chrome management roles 
  • End-user documentation: Customized communication and end-user documentation templates to ensure employees are aware of the ChromeOS implementation and tips and tricks for increased productivity and collaboration

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Not ready for ChromeOS devices but still want to benefit from the most secure browser in the world? SADA can help with POWERON Chrome Browser Implementation!