Start your Looker journey with a best-practice-based Looker foundation including visualizations and your data in BigQuery.

With POWERON Looker Foundation, a dedicated SADA team of Solutions Architects, Cloud Engineers, and Project Managers will help your organization on your journey to building the Looker dashboard.  We’ll enable you to take advantage of:

  • BigQuery, a serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse
  • Preconfigured model, explores and dashboards with in Looker that can demonstrate and showcase the capabilities of Looker

Engage with SADA to create a Looker Foundation in just 1 week!

What to expect

POWERON Looker Foundation consists of four milestones over a 1-week engagement:

Milestone 1: Discovery
Evaluate your objectives and understand the Looker environment needs, version control tooling, and BigQuery.

Milestone 2: Implementation
Create the Looker Project and connect to GitHub and BigQuery to import the Looker Foundation code.

Milestone 3: Validation
Execute mutually agreed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to validate the functionality of Looker and conduct a walk-through.

Milestone 4: Project Handoff
You'll receive a walk-through and user training with a full documentation handoff.

Key Deliverables 

  • Looker project with visualizations
  • User training session
  • Technical design document

Contact us to ensure a high standard of your Looker Foundation in 1 week!