You’ve developed your ML model and now are ready to take it into production. POWERON Production Machine Learning builds and deploys a robust ML stack ready for automated application integration to efficiently solve your business problems.

POWERON Production Machine Learning achieves full implementation across four milestones: 

  • Milestone 1: Requirements review
    Identify functional requirements with data sources and infrastructure needs and review customer business workflows.
  • Milestone 2: Design and implement
    Designing the production scale pipeline with training schedule and infrastructure deployment.
  • Milestone 3: Operationalize pipeline
    Add CI/CD, monitoring and alerting; align with SLAs.
  • Milestone 4: UAT and documentation
    Perform user testing with typical end users and full documentation handoff.

Deliverables for Production ML

  • ML pipeline and infrastructure deployment
    Your ML solution built and deployed into production in accordance with MLOps best practices.
  • Technical Design Document
    Detailed inventory of Google Cloud configurations options, decisions, and recommendations for deployment.
  • Orchestration code
    Code and scripts extensible for additional pipeline deployments.
  • Training plan
    List of recommended courses for key staff.

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