Distinguish between human and automated access by enhancing the security of your web applications by implementing reCAPTCHA Enterprise with SADA. 

With POWERON User & App Protection, an experienced team of SADA Software Engineers and Solutions Architects will conduct a walkthrough of reCAPTCHA Enterprise, evaluate your current infrastructure, and develop source code integrating reCAPTCHA into your web application to prevent and detect fraud.

Engage with SADA to strengthen your web application security over a 4-week engagement

What to expect

With POWERON User & App Protection, we’ll work with you to protect your web application in 4 milestones:

Milestone 1: Discover
Review reCAPTCHA Enterprise with a deep-dive session and verify web application requirements.

Milestone 2: Implement
Migrate a score-based key or create a new site key with implementation of a “Happy Path” default scenario featuring no exceptions or error conditions.  

Milestone 3: Validate
Perform testing to prove the validity of the solution and deploy the solution to your production environment.

Milestone 4: Handoff
You’ll receive documentation of SADA implemented action and recommendations on reCAPTCHA Enterprise operations, including feedback for handling non-default or exception-based “Non-Happy Path” workflows.


Key deliverables

  • Technical Design Document (TDD): An inventory of GCP configuration options, decisions, and recommendations for the reCAPTCHA Enterprise deployment and migration
  • Source Code: Token creation and verification of the source code implementing the reCAPTCHA Enterprise
  • Close Out Documentation: Handoff documentation on best practices completed by SADA engineers

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