Security policies, standards, and technical challenges evolve over time, so it’s crucial that the security posture of your organization stays current.

With POWERPLAN Google Workspace Security Assessment, a dedicated SADA team evaluates your current configurations and platform controls, leads in-depth labs on security topics, and provides detailed recommendations to ensure you’re ready for tomorrow’s risk environment.

Optimal security in 6 weeks

We will work with you to optimize your Workspace security through 3 milestones:

Milestone 1: Understanding your current configuration settings and identifying project scope

Milestone 2: Six deep dive sessions address high-priority security topics over a 6-week period:

  • DNS and mail settings: Prevent spoofing, phishing, and spam
  • Share policies: Deep focus on internal and external sharing policies of Drive, Sites, and Calendars
  • Group management: Identify and document use cases for groups, workflows, provisioning, and settings
  • Ongoing administration: Analyze access privileges, retention policies, internal audits, and security training
  • Identity and authentication controls: Review and document workflows for user onboarding, termination, and authentication requirements
  • Endpoint management: Identify usage and policies in place for managing devices that access Google Workspace accounts 

Milestone 3: Presentation of findings with detailed documentation designed to future-proof your security posture

What’s included in the Security Assessment

  • Six working sessions: Expert-led labs help you nail down your security setting fundamentals
  • Assessment  summary: Align your security posture with industry-leading practices and the latest customer intelligence

Contact us for a custom assessment of your Workspace security in just 6 weeks!