Machine Learning (ML) can automate decisions and accelerate efficiency, but launching a Machine Learning development project can consume significant time and resources. With SADA’s POWERSTART Machine Learning Feasibility Study, you’ll learn how ML can make a meaningful impact on your business processes or products. We’ll put you on the right path that meets your unique technical requirements.

Engage with SADA to understand if Machine Learning capabilities are right for your business, all over a 3-week engagement.

  • Milestone 1: Explore data

    A comprehensive analysis of available data sources to assess the state of your data and potential for applying an ML model.

  • Milestone 2: Explore model types

    A deep-dive into ML solutions on Google Cloud to address your specific business needs. This may include Google Cloud's Machine Learning APIs, BigQuery ML, AutoML, and/or development of custom ML models.

  • Milestone 3: Build final report

    An executive final report with recommendations for model implementation and detailed next steps.

Deliverables of the Feasibility Study:

We’ll help you get started on your ML journey with an executive final report that includes:
  • Analysis of a variety of ML models
  • Recommended next steps, with cost estimates 
  • Architecture diagrams of possible solutions 
Contact us to measure ML feasibility for your use case in just 3 weeks!