Your organization has invested in a data science team to build models to deliver business value but knows that additional investment in automation and monitoring will reduce the time it takes to release models to production from months to weeks. 

With a POWERSTART MLOps Assessment, a dedicated SADA team will evaluate all phases of your ML development and delivery cycle and provide recommendations on how to apply MLOps practices to avoid common pitfalls in ML system deployment.

Engage with SADA to get your MLOps blueprints in 3-5 weeks!

What to expect

POWERSTART MLOps Assessment consists of three or four milestones over a 3-5 week engagement:

Milestone 1: Discovery
Through team meetings and one-on-one interviews, we'll introduce you to MLOps concepts, review your current state of MLOps maturity, and inventory your ML data sources and models.

Milestone 2: Deep-Dive Review
Focusing on selected models that best represent your organization's ML practice, we'll conduct a deep review of each phase of your ML development and deployment cycle. We will assess your MLOps maturity in the following areas:

  1. Data extraction

  2. Data analysis

  3. Feature engineering and storage

  4. Model training & pipeline orchestration

  5. Model evaluation

  6. Model serving

  7. Model monitoring

  8. Model version management

  9. Experiment management 

  10. CI/CD

Milestone 3: Project Handoff
We will deliver an architecture diagram and a Technical Design Document with short- and long-term recommendations on how to implement MLOps best practices in your machine learning workflows.

Milestone 4: Enablement (Optional)
We'll deliver sample code using public datasets demonstrating our recommended practices using Google Cloud products and services such as Vertex AI, if appropriate and desired.

Key Deliverables 

  • Technical Design Document: Recommendations for increasing your MLOps maturity
  • Architecture diagram: A guide that shows how to implement the recommendations on Google Cloud
  • Inventory: An inventory of your current ML data sources and models
  • Enablement (Optional): Sample code demonstrating MLOps best practices

Contact us to assess your MLOps maturity within 3-5 weeks!