Migrating your virtual machine workloads to Google Cloud streamlines infrastructure management and unlocks the flexibility and scaling benefits of the cloud. But going it alone without a detailed plan puts stress on your IT team and limits your opportunities for modernization. With SADA’s POWERSTART VM Migration Assessment, you’ll get a clear path to migrate your specific workloads to Google Cloud, all customized to your unique technical requirements.

Engage with SADA to assess your VM migration strategy in just 4 weeks!

Milestone 1: Discover current state

Increase transparency with a detailed discovery of your current VM environment and existing infrastructure.

Milestone 2: Analyze migration efforts

Gain insight with an evaluation of migration efforts based on your current state, conducted with both automated tooling and human analysis.

Milestone 3: Build final report

Pave the path forward with an executive report that includes detailed next steps for migration with recommendations on the Google Cloud virtual machine products that best fit your needs.

Key deliverables

Your customized executive final report will include everything you need to begin VM migration with confidence: 

  • Analysis of a current state of virtual machine workloads
  • Recommended next steps, with cost estimates 
  • Architecture diagrams of your migration solution

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