You know a Machine Learning solution is right for you, but could use help selecting a model or building one yourself.

POWERUP Machine Learning Minimum Viable Model helps you through the iterative process of developing an initial model based on your specific business use case. You’ll end up with a custom solution and a better understanding of where to take it next.

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Minimum Viable Model 
What to Expect

  • Milestone 1:  Explore data
    Perform analysis to understand your data
  • Milestone 2: Select algorithm
    Identify data science and machine learning approach
  • Milestone 3:  Develop feature engineering pipeline
    Create the right features from raw data for the ML task
  • Milestone 4: Build ML model 
    Develop, train, and evaluate the model on test datasets
  • Milestone 5: Iterate on ML model
    Refine ML model to improve performance and efficacy
  • Milestone 6: Finalize documentation
    Document and hand-off the ML model

Key Deliverables

  • An initial ML model including code to train your model and evaluate its quality
  • A technical design document describing the model's architecture with recommended next steps on model iteration

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