Create a data pipeline from Salesforce to BigQuery using Data Fusion. Get the most from your Salesforce data by combining it with other enterprise data to produce powerful data insights with SADA.

With POWERUP Salesforce to BigQuery Integration, a dedicated SADA team of Solutions Architects, Data Engineers, and Project Managers will put you on the right path that fulfills your unique, secure data requirements. We’ll enable you to take advantage of:

  • Build your pipeline from Salesforce to BigQuery with a fully managed, cloud-native, enterprise data integration service for quickly building and managing data pipelines in Data Fusion.
  • Scheduling the pipeline on a predefined time/interval.

Engage with SADA to create a data pipeline from Salesforce to BigQuery over 3 weeks!

What to expect

POWERUP Salesforce to BigQuery Integration consists of four milestones over a 3-week engagement:

Milestone 1: Discovery
Compile a list of sObjects that needs to be replicated and identify the transformational requirements. Configure Salesforce Analytics in Looker.

Milestone 2: Implementation
Build out a Data Fusion infrastructure, a data pipeline with Data Fusion, and schedule the pipeline from Salesforce to BigQuery, Salesforce Analytics in Looker.

Milestone 3: Validation
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is conducted to validate the functionality of the data pipeline.

Milestone 4: Project Handoff
Presentation of deliverables with proper enablement to transfer ownership of the Pipeline assets.

Key Deliverables 

  • Data pipelines in Data Fusion from Salesforce to BigQuery
  • Technical design document
  • Google Cloud architecture diagram

Contact us to ensure a high standard of your Salesforce to BigQuery integration in 3 weeks!