Chart your path to operating model maturity, and accelerate your journey with SADA as your guide. POWERFORWARD Flex Services act as your cloud adoption sherpa, leading you through the long-haul transformation of your applications, infrastructure, and internal processes while managing and supporting your GCP environment. 

With POWERFORWARD Flex Services, we empower you to continually challenge the status quo and drive innovation with experimentation. Achieving DevOps maturity requires a commitment to iterative improvement. We’ll get you there faster so you can profit from the benefits of the cloud sooner.

Some of the key features of Flex Services include:
    • 24x7 access to a team of GCP experts
    • Proactive response and remediation
    • Faster implementation and innovation
    • Simplify management and capture GCP’s full benefits
    • Track progress towards industry-standard OKRs
    • Transition ownership of your mature operation to your own team seamlessly

What to expect

Your needs are dynamic and change over time, which is why Flex Services is highly adaptable to any business and technological solution. We chart the course and help you get there in three stages of transformation:

  • Operational foundations
    • Establish the most essential practices, blueprints, and tooling as scaffolding from which to build and grow.
  • Operational maturity
    • Build a DevOps platform, refactor your applications to unlock the power of cloud technologies, and automate security.
  • Operational innovation
    • Connect business outcomes to IT operations by using systems telemetry to measure business performance.

Key Deliverables

When you work with us, you get access to the Flex advantage, which encompasses:

  • Full-stack support: Investigate performance issues all the way down to individual lines of code
  • Engineering elasticity: Scale hourly commitments up or down monthly
  • Engineering efficiency: Second-by-second tracking of engineering time
  • Engineering flexibility: Use engineering time to meet business demands, even as they change
  • Business adaptability: Continue using your existing tooling, processes, and providers
  • Customer affinity: Your Flex Services team is assigned to work with you throughout the life of our partnership

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