Review and improve the security posture of your Google Cloud environment with SADA to get the most out of GCP’s robust security features.

With POWERSTART Cloud Security Assessment, a dedicated SADA team, including a Senior Cloud Security Engineer and a Project Manager, will evaluate your current configurations and platform controls, provide detailed recommendations, and present best practices to reduce risk and confront common threats.

Engage with SADA to assess your security strategy in 10 domains over a 5-week engagement

What to expect

We will work with you to optimize your cloud security in four easy steps

Milestone 1: You'll be introduced to the team and we'll identify project scope and resource requirements.

Milestone 2: A 10-point assessment of your current security strategy will be performed:

  • Identity & access management
  • Secrets management and data security
  • Organization policy strategy
  • DevSecOps pipeline
  • VPC service controls and private Google access with DNS for isolations
  • Logging and monitoring strategy (SIEM for SOC, CSCC integration)
  • Asset threat management
  • GCE and VM security
  • GKE and container security
  • Incident response

Milestone 3: Your audit logs will be reviewed to identify threats and risks.

Milestone 4: You’ll receive the final readout of the deliverable report and scoring

Key Deliverables

  • Recommendations report: Detailed list of findings and recommendations to implement for improvement
  • Threat hunting review: Activity logs analysis to identify threats and security risks
  • Executive summary: Top priority findings and key areas for improvement with an overall capabilities scoring

Contact us to ensure a high standard of your cloud security in 5 weeks!