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Data Integration and Advanced Analytics

Obtain the cost savings, high performance and innovation benefits of Google’s powerful cloud platform.

Build the Right Data Foundation

Big Data means big opportunity. To gain insights faster, you need a solution that can ingest, process and analyze huge volumes of complex data at scale. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA can help get you there faster!

Manage Less with Serverless Data Analytics

Moving to a cloud-based solution allows you to reallocate resources from maintaining IT infrastructure to building revenue-generating initiatives and improving your customers’ experiences. SADA’s services include:
  • Creating a targeted data strategy for your business needs
  • Implementing data analytics tools, including on-premises and cloud migration
  • Ensuring data security and governance
  • Managing and optimizing serverless data analytics solutions 

"The solution SADA suggested has been working amazingly well. We process and analyze terabytes of data in real time. When our traffic suddenly spikes 10 times, we can boot new instances — and use them to handle requests — in under 200ms. It’s the first platform that’s truly elastic under intense loads."

Denis Kezerashvili, SVP of Engineering, Madhive


Unlock the Predictive Power of Your Data Through AI and Machine Learning Models

Want to improve your customers’ experience, streamline operations, reduce unnecessary infrastructure costs and create new sources of revenue? Our experts can help you do that.

SADA builds and deploys scalable AI and end-to-end machine learning solutions that can tap into the valuable information locked inside all of your data to give you a competitive advantage.


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White Paper: Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Greater speed, scale, flexibility, modern technology, and business innovation await enterprises that move their data warehouse to the cloud.

Looking to moving your data warehouse to the cloud? Download the Transforming Data with Intelligence™ report to learn more about the rise of cloud-based data warehouses, including associated opportunities, benefits and best practices.