Leverage Google’s industry-leading security innovation

No one in today’s highly connected world is exempt from security threats like phishing, ransomware, or denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Certainly not Google. Defending the world’s largest network against persistent and constantly evolving cyber threats has driven Google to architect, automate, and develop some of the world’s most advanced tools.

Download the Google Cloud Security at Scale white paper to learn more about the benefits of leveraging Google’s security model for your own organization. The eBook includes:

  • A Google Cloud overview
  • Tips on partnering for success with your cloud infrastructure
  • A breakdown of Google security by the minute
  • The foundation of security at Google
  • Advice on protecting data where it is
  • 5 security measures every company should take today
  • Information on managing users and devices
  • Stats on the latest growth in cloud security