Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a critical element of cloud computing that allows you to manage digital identities and control resource access within your organization. We at SADA understand that many companies seek guidance to escape legacy contracts that lack the fine-grained IAM integrations required by today's cloud-forward organizations. That's why we've developed services that are tailored to address various scenarios.

Booking a discovery call with SADA sets your custom IAM solution in motion. We’ll dive deep into your specific business needs, desired outcomes, and consider your industry’s unique regulatory requirements. When you work with SADA on your IAM strategy, you benefit from a proven track record of successful deployments, including: 

    • 4,000+ Workspace clients served
    • 30M+ Users migrated to Workspace/ 84 NPS
    • 98% Renewal rate
    • 65 Certifications for Google Workspace deployments
    • 600K+ GCP resource configurations assessed against numerous security frameworks
    • 50+ Security engagements executed for Fortune 100 companies
    • 40+ GCP and industry-recognized certifications earned by SADA’s security team

The time is right to establish a robust IAM practice for your organization. Schedule a discovery call today and hit the ground running with your custom IAM strategy. Our team stands ready to help you ensure the security of your data, customers, and teams, and put you on the path to security confidence.