Google Cloud Marketplace is a centralized digital sales platform that connects technology buyers and sellers. For sellers, it's the pathway to reach a worldwide audience, boost revenue, and connect with customers looking for new solutions. For buyers, Google Cloud Marketplace provides an easy shopping experience with useful information and a vibrant community. 

SADA Elevate is designed to fast-track your success on Google Cloud Marketplace. Crafted to accelerate your SaaS deliveries, our services include:

/ Google Cloud Marketplace Readiness Assessment: 
Ensure product readiness with a thorough review process that addresses any gaps before solution validation.

/ Marketplace Order Manager:
Prepare your product for the GCP Marketplace by incorporating comprehensive technical components, including order management, usage reporting, etc 

/ Control Plane and Deployment Manager (CP&DM):
Accelerate SaaS deployment on GCP with a flexible framework that harnesses the power of product repositories. (releasing soon)

/ Automated Metering:
Simplify usage-based billing through automated tracking and reporting, providing accurate customizable billing units and tiered pricing. (releasing soon)

/ CRM Integration
Automate GCP Marketplace lead submissions by seamlessly integrating them into your CRM system. (releasing soon)


Get the most from SADA’s Google Cloud Marketplace expertise:

  • 50+ project successes delivered in the past 2 years 
  • 92 NPS 
  • 4.8/5 CSAT score
  • 50+ SADA employees with Google Cloud Marketplace SaaS Onboarding certification to ensure your success

Prepare to expand and amplify your digital sales strategy. Contact us for a personalized demo and discover how to bring your product to market faster and more cost-effectively with SADA Elevate for Google Cloud Marketplace.

“Working with SADA has been great. Simply put, SADA gets stuff done. I highly recommend to any ISV who wants to get on the Google Cloud Marketplace that their first step should be to contact SADA.”

Benjamin Gauthier | CEO and Co-founder of Comeen