Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware dominated tech news cycles over the past few months and caused concern for VMware customers. Fortunately, there is a solution that allows customers to migrate VMware workloads while maintaining licensing and reducing management costs.

SADA, An Insight company, offers a pioneering approach to facilitating and accelerating the seamless migration of your VMware/VDI workloads. As the only company offering a Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) Certification track, SADA ensures that your project is handled exclusively by a GCVE-certified engineer. And as a strategic partner of Google Cloud and Broadcom and a proud VMware partner, SADA experts can help you:

  • Avoid costly VMware renewals and minimize disruptions.  
  • Discover ways to manage Horizon VDI and Carbon Black workloads. 
  • Create a financial strategy to protect your investments on Google Cloud. 
  • Define a strategic migration plan that protects VMware workloads and optimizes ROI.

Simplify your VMware migration with the SADA Accelerator for GCVE

Migration to a new cloud can feel overwhelming, the SADA Accelerator for GCVE offers a quick and smooth approach to get you started on GCVE with:

  • Reduced costs: Get 20% off your GCVE costs for a year!
  • Faster migration: SADA experts handle the migration, creating minimal disruption to your business and staff. 
  • Simplified onboarding: SADA’s quickstart foundation allows you to start migrating workloads without requiring in-depth Google Cloud Platform knowledge. 

Book a meeting today with SADA experts to unlock GCVE capabilities and get started with SADA Accelerator for GCVE.


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