Developed by SADA, the Virtual Appointment Scheduling Tool (VAST) is a secure, convenient and affordable solution that enables government and public sector agencies to offer a high-level of service virtually. The solution consists of an online virtual scheduling tool for managing and supporting virtual appointments and a chatbot to provide automated support outside of appointments. VAST enables you to:

  • Streamline the scheduling of virtual meetings for constituents and your staff
  • Simplify administration and workforce deployment
  • Apply analytics to better understand gaps in your services

Your one-stop-shop for digital scheduling needs

VAST enables constituents to schedule appointments with the relevant department they are seeking to meet their needs. Functioning as a one-stop-shop for digital scheduling, it integrates with employee calendars and video-communication tools to allow citizens and employees to coordinate and communicate virtually. 

The chatbot provides 24x7 support to constituents via Google’s state-of-the art Contact Center AI (CCAI) technology. Not only does the CCAI chatbot understand the intent of the user and serve up relevant content, but it also offers multi-language support. With the ability to easily add new intents and questions, and the ability to run at Google-scale, it provides users with an excellent self-service experience. 

When paired together, SADA’s online virtual scheduling tool and Google Cloud’s CCAI Chatbot provide a seamless way for citizens to find the information or get the support they need, whether virtually or through an automated tool.