In today’s world of digital disruption, organizations in every field face threats from alternatives with better technology, better business models, better operational value chains and better customer experiences. 

Digital innovators are disrupting incumbents’ business models left and right by innovating at a much faster pace. These digital innovators understand the power of unifying data across their organization to drive real transformation and value creation. They get the impact of resilient, mission critical databases, analytics and machine learning systems that can reliably run the business 24/7, and power innovation. 

But it’s not easy to get these kinds of results, and siloed, legacy systems tend to be the main culprit, requiring extensive maintenance and management that eats up the critical resources needed to capture value. When enterprises fail to find ways to integrate, manage, and use their data, they are leaving a lot of value on the table—and the data value gap continues to widen as the amount of data increases. 

Organizations must take steps now to figure out how to close the gap and support value generation if they want to be able to adapt to the inevitable future disruption that’s going to continue to define their businesses.

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