AI is a transformative force, but so are the threats targeting it. Discover the evolving security landscape and how to fortify your AI implementations.

  • AI powers a staggering range of applications, including cutting-edge generative AI. But as its capabilities grow, so do the risks. Conventional security methods are no longer enough.
  • AI systems face cunning attacks designed to exploit their unique vulnerabilities, resulting in compromised systems, sensitive data breaches, and even broader harm.
  • Your organization can benefit from a tailored security strategy for the AI era. "Securing AI: Similar or Different?" delves into essential considerations, including differentiating traditional security from AI-specific needs.

Download Google's in-depth white paper, "Securing AI: Similar or Different?" to learn about:

  • The AI threat landscape: Understand how attackers target AI with tactics like data poisoning and model manipulation.
  • Securing your AI ecosystem: Master best practices at every stage, from development to deployment.
  • AI use cases and risk: Discover how your specific AI implementations influence your security posture.

The path forward: Futureproof your security with adaptive strategies for an ever-changing AI world.