Why Google Workspace is the modern, agile alternative to Microsoft 365

For a long time, office productivity software solutions
were limited to desktop applications that were
accessible only from a single machine. Now that
mobility and cloud computing have dramatically
altered people’s homes and workplaces, enterprises
are gravitating towards software-as-a-service
(SaaS) solutions. Microsoft Office transitioned into
the subscription-based Office 365 (recently renamed
Microsoft 365) in 2011, and Google released the
cloud-native Google Workspace in 2006, which is now
called Google Workspace, and used by over 6 million
businesses around the world.

At first glance, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
appear quite similar, but their design and function
have some fundamental differences. This book
examines these differences and, through direct feature
comparisons and actual feedback from customers that
have switched to Google Cloud, illustrate why Google
Workspace is the superior choice for organizations that
wish to maximize employee productivity, efficiency, and